Hospitals and healthcare companies

HYKSin Hospital

HYKSin offers demanding medical care in Helsinki University Central Hospital. This company specializes in pediatrics, neurosurgery, cardiology and oncology.

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Docrates is the only private cancer hospitals in the Nordics. It is known for rapid access to treatment. Hospital specializes in treatment of prostate and breast cancer.

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Clinic Helena

Clinic Helena is known for knowledge in demanding breast cancer micro surgeries in Savonlinna, Lake Finland.

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Sydänsairaala is a highly specialized cardiologic hospital owned by the University of Tampere. It offers a large variety of services to foreigners annually.

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Aava Hospital

Aava Hospital is a healthcare powerhouse in Helsinki. The company provides all type of healthcare services from outpatient surgery to health check-ups.

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Patient Facilitators

Amber Life

Amber Life is a patient facilitation company working in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

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Helena Medical Group

HMG works in patient facilitation and assistance in Russia. They connect patients to specialized Finnish clinics.

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Other companies in the business

Fi-Ru Media Services

Language translation services and personal assistance to Russian people in Finland.

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Haikko Manor

Haikko is beautiful hotel and manor close to Helsinki. Accommodation and atmosphere are good basis for rehabilitation.

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Luova Finland

Luova Finland provides health care services to Chinese clients in Finland. Services are tailored based on customer needs.

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