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What is medical tourism?

Medical tourism is often referred to a situation in which patient travels to another country for treatment of a sickness or disease. The market is global and growing rapidly. Patients all over the world search for better, more affordable or more suitable treatment through internet and remote care solutions: digitalization brings patients more closer to the hospital. Legislation allows free movement for EU patients and foreign insurance companies of encourage to seek better or more affordable medical care overseas.

Around 70,000-80,000 Russians seek medical care overseas annually. The similar market in China is estimated to be up to 500,000 while in USA the estimate rises up to 1,5 million people. EU legislation allows free movement and search of medical services to its citizens in public healthcare.

The Finnish Medical Tourism Association was founded in 2018 by the companies and organizations working in the industry. It was a mutual decision and desire to build something greater to promote the excellent Finnish healthcare and it’s services to foreign patients. Finland is one of the strongest and most developed healthcare systems in many areas. The private hospitals and other companies see it beneficial to group forces and seek mutual growth for the total Finnish business. Association focuses in market share growth especially in the Baltic countries, Russia and Asia.

"Healthcare is one of the best export products from Finland"

Ilpo Tolonen, The Chairman

Finland is the #1 country to come for medical treatment.

Finland is considered as top-tier OECD country in many areas, not to forget healthcare. Education, public services and healthcare. Also, Finland is the safest country to travel for tourists. Health services are available for medical tourists in many areas all the way from light outpatient procedures to demanding university hospital care.


Finland is the go-to country in cancer treatment. E.g. Prostate and breast cancer treatment methods, access to care and technology are excellent. We can guarantee access to treatment within a week for our international patient.s


The new pediatric hospital in Helsinki, Finland offers top-class facilities to children. Demanding diseases are our area of specialty from oncology to other illnesses.

Demanding medical care

University hospitals in Finland are one of the top ranked hospitals in Europe in many branches of medicine. Finland specializes in e.g. neurosurgery, cardiology and oncology. Finland is known to train international visiting surgeons annually.

Outpatient surgery and other procedures

Outpatient surgeries, cosmetic procedures and dental care are for tourists that also want to enjoy travelling and activities in Finland


There are around 10 members in the associations. Members represent private companies, hospitals and other organizations. Every member is committed in promoting Finnish medical tourism and building Finnish brand internationally.

Contacts and board

Operative director Maarit Haavisto-Koskinen and tel. +358 45 848 6195

Association Officials

Ilpo Tolonen, Chairman, Docrates Cancer Center (

Seppo Lindroos, Vice Chairman, Amber Life (